pawprints animal rescue

giving respect and rescue to animals in need

(Lovely oldies: Chaplin, Conker and Gabriel).



Animal Rescue.


Retirement Home


For Old and Special Needs Animals.


I set Pawprints up in 1999 in Staffordshire to rescue and rehome stray and abandoned animals, but i now focus on providing long term care for old and special needs rescued animals, mainly cats. 

After dealing with any initial health problems (dental work, de-matting fur, etc.) all animals are neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped, and live a home life (not caged) with access to a secure garden for the rest of their days with lots of love and cuddles


    Pawprints receives NO funding, having to raise all money for vet bills, cat-litter, food and cleaning materials bills, etc. through the generosity of the public. The number of animals i can help is limited by the amount of fundraising i can do whilst looking after the animals, so any help you can give is hugely appreciated

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